Uveitis occurrence in early inflammatory back pain. Five years data from the prospective French nationwide DESIR cohort

Un nouvel article scientifique intitulé «Uveitis occurrence in early inflammatory back pain. Five years data from the prospective French nationwide DESIR cohort» a été publié dans le journal Joint Bone Spine.

Daniel Wendling, Clément Prati, Thierry Lequerré, Corinne Miceli, Maxime Dougados, Anna Molto, Xavier Guillot.


Uveitis is a frequent extra rheumatological manifestation in axial Spondyloarthritis (SpA). The aim of study was to evaluate the prevalence and incidence of uveitis over the first five years of a prospective nationwide cohort of patients with high suspicion of early axial SpA, and to evaluate its associated factors.


DESIR is a prospective observational cohort of patients with recent onset inflammatory back pain (more than 3 months, less than 3 years), suggestive of axial SpA, All available factors in the database were compared between patients with and without uveitis at 5 years, by uni and then multivariate analysis. Baseline factors associated with new cases of uveitis occurrence over the 5 years were also analyzed.

Significance: p less than 0.05.


After 5 years, 91 patients (out of 480 with complete follow-up) had at least one uveitis episode, giving an estimated prevalence of 18.9% [95% CI : 15.4-22.4]. In multivariate analysis, uveitis was significantly associated with dactylitis, and elevated ESR. New incident uveitis occurred in 31 cases over 5 years, giving an estimated incidence rate of 1.29 [0.84 - 1.74] / 100 patient-years. Incidence of new uveitis was associated in multivariate analysis with baseline factors: diagnosis of SpA, sacro iliac MRI inflammatory SPARCC score, dactylitis, syndesmophyte score. No significant association was found with HLA-B27, DMARDs, BASDAI, ASDAS, BASFI.


Five-years data of the DESIR cohort allowed an estimation of incidence rate of uveitis of 1.3/100p-y; over five years, uveitis was associated with dactylitis, biologic and sacro iliac MRI inflammation.


Uveitis; cohort; dactylitis; spondyloarthritis.

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