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DESIR for our international colleagues

DESIR is a cohort (longitudinal follow-up) of patients presenting with inflammatory back pain suggestive of axial spondyloarthritis. The patients (708) have been recruited in 25 regional centers in France.

The collected data comprise a clinical database (including information related to SpA clinical features, disease activity, disease severity, disease impact in terms of quality of life and medico-economics), a radiological database (including X-rays and MRI of the pelvis of the spine), and a biological database (including urine, serum, DNA and RNA).

A detailed description of the collected data and the time of collection is available in the English version of the protocol (click here).

The collected materials are available for any researcher. The overall description of the cohort and the procedures of the application of a research project are summarized in this slide kit.

The form of the research application is available by clicking here.

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